Phase 4

Updates and information

For the final Phase of development and regeneration at Paintworks, Verve have joined forces with Rengen.

You will find information and updates about work on the site on this page.

Two Week 'Look Ahead' 18th March - 1st April 2020

  • Ground preparation and soil remediation works on site are currently ongoing
  • Following recent abnormal high rainfall experienced in the past few weeks, this has resulted in the exposed ground on site becoming saturated for a sustained duration, which has limited the rate of the ground preparation and soil remediation works we have been able to undertake
  • Sheet piling alongside Central Road fronting east and west is anticipated to commence at the end of March / early April at the time of the next update

Traffic Management Plan

Proposed Traffic Control Measures

  • A ‘travelling’ banksman will assist all Large goods vehicles entering the site during all remediation works
  •  The remediation contractor proposes that the majority of deliveries will be between 07:30am to 16:30 (this is within the planning timescales from 07:30-18:00) and deliveries outside of this timeslot will require prior approval
  • Large goods vehicles will be assisted down the Main Entrance/Exit road and through the site with the ‘travelling’ banksman

Loading and Unloading of Plant & Materials / Delivery Frequency of Large Vehicles

  • When Large vehicles are due to site, the banksman will move to the top of the Main Entrance/Exit Road and will accompany the vehicle down the Main Entrance/Exit road to ensure any potential conflicts are avoided
  • It is proposed that a strict and co-ordinated delivery schedule is adhered to
  • The ‘travelling banksman’ will ensure that deliveries to site are effectively managed, and the general traffic movement through the site during all deliveries (both large and small) is not impeded

Parking of Vehicles

  • On-site contractor parking within the site boundary will be provided between Buildings 6.1 and 6.3 as identified on the plan

Wheel Washing Facilities

  • A water supply and wheel washing station is proposed to be set up within the site boundary so that remediation traffic wheels can be washed down as required
  • In the event of any mud being tracked on to the lane outside the site boundary, the remediation works contractor would be responsible for ensuring that the lane is brushed and washed to clear any mud as soon as practicable

For more information about Phase 4 at Paintworks, please visit the Rengen website