Vintage Kilo Sale

Venue: Paintworks Event Space

Buy Vintage by weight and pay only £15 a kilo, brought to you by the UK's largest vintage clothing wholesaler, including jewellery and all kinds of accessories

Saturday 25th January, 11am - 4pm. £1 entry


The Vintage Clothing Kilo Sale is a collaboration between Europe's largest vintage wholesaler and Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair, Britain's biggest vintage fair! There'll be 5 TONNES of retro fashion, everything from retro tees to denim, jackets to jumpers to shorts and skirts. Featuring ladies and gents fashion and accessories from the 1970s and on. Britain's BIGGEST vintage jewellery buff VICTORIA VINTAGE will be on hand, selling rings and chains, brooches and sunnies and all KINDS of accessories from only 50p.

After trying on, parading and choosing your items, take them to the weighing desk where you will be charged a meagre £15 A KILO! But what does that mean? Well, it depends on the item's weight but that's an average of 4 - 5 ITEMS FOR £15! No better place to shop affordable vintage in a BIG way, come get a new wardrobe and still have money left over.

The stock will be replenished throughout the day and, although it's good to come for kick-off, there will be plenty of treasures about. One final thing to get you going? Because everyone likes an offer, we're thrilled to say that IF YOU BUY 10 KILOS OR MORE, THE PRICE DROPS FROM £15 A KILO TO £10 A KILO!

Entry fee is only £1 and you'll be able to pay by card.

For any TRADERS wanting to come and shop for your business, email and request your trade forms.