Traffic featured

Venue: Paintworks Event Space

The Award winning Traffic just got even better – Calling all creative companies in the South West! Boost your bottom line with Traffic, come and see what all the noise is about, Traffic is the definite project and studio management software for the creative industry.

Thursday 15th July, 4-6pm.

Traffic is the market leading studio and job management system from Sohnar. Whether you are a digital, marketing agency, graphic design company or anything in-between, Traffic can help you effortlessly create estimates, seamlessly schedule, raise invoices with a smile and see where every task is in the studio, at a glance. And clients can see where their jobs are too with a clever web portal.

Approval tracking and Proof Management ProofHQ

Traffic users receive a free ProofHQ team account. ProofHQ is an online proofing system that streamlines the process of managing design reviews and approvals. It’s the easiest way to manage changes, get feedback and approval on design work.

You simply upload your file, pick your reviewers and include an optional message. Your file is converted to a web-based proof and your reviewers are sent a personal link to the proof.
Commenting, collaboration and tracking is easy now.

Key features:

•    Easy upload of multiple media types
•    Simple commenting and markup
•    Powerful approval workflow
•    Version management and comparison
•    Mac and PC compatible

New MultiCalendar Wizard

Want to see all your creative tasks in one view? Track who is assigned to what role? Move tasks around and re-estimate with a single click?

MultiCalendar is the slick new way to see what’s happening across your business, and puts the control back in your hands.

You can see who’s doing what and when, and move tasks around within calendars or across users. You can de-schedule less urgent tasks and leave them in the priority queue. You can even see what work needs to be done that hasn’t been allocated to anyone; so nothing slips through the gaps.

Key features:

•    Shows all user calendars on one screen at one time
•    Ability to select specific users to view simultaneously if required
•    Allows work to be moved to either a different time, different user or both
•    Shows scheduled appointments around tasks
•    Shows and move work requests

See how Traffic, the award winning project and studio management software, makes your creative business more profitable. Traffic combines CRM, scheduling, quoting, invoicing and more, streamlining your processes and supercharging your productivity. Over 5,000 creative’s worldwide find Traffic an invaluable tool in managing their studio processes.

Come see how Traffic will help you and your business…

• Fast Quoting - Quote fast. Customisable "clever" templates quote your job in record time, create PDF’s and send to clients by email. So simple everyone in the office can quote.

• Easy Scheduling - Drag and drop scheduling lets you move work around within a team member's schedule or between team members. You can even see job progress, view deadlines and more.

• Record time - your way - Recording time can be fun. Well almost! Drag and drop time, start/stop timers and visual schedules let you record time in a single click. Or just enter the number of hours spent if you prefer!

• Fast invoicing - Get back your weekend! Job billing is fast and simple, and once your done Traffic will post to most leading accounting packages, freeing you up for more important things.

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