Fairtrade and Local Event - Supporting the independent producer

Venue: Paintworks Event Space

Whether it be in the West of England or The Windward Islands, the links between the two will be the topic of discussion at this Fairtrade and Local event.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012 from 6pm to 8pm. Free entry.

Bristol is a city with a particular passion for local food. It is unique in commissioning the ' Who Feeds Bristol' report , in having a Food Policy Council as well as having a very active Food Network and numerous sites where food is grown in or close to the city.

In addition Bristol is a leading Fairtrade city winning awards for its activities and being the first city in the world to offer Fairtrade Business awards.

This event will aim to show the common themes between the two - small, independent producers, using sustainable farming methods but struggling with unfair supply chains and an increasingly unpredictable climate. An exciting range of speakers include :

Jenny Foster - Fairtrade co ordinator for Bristol and the South West.

Ian Lillington - Author and permaculture activist whe helped set up city farms in the UK in the 1980's and now lives in Australia. Ian is currently on a visit to the UK and among other things is working with the Bristol pound on their Farmlink project .

Speaker - to be named - from The Co- operative Food stores.

The Co op now hold 8% of the supermarket sector - they are a serious palyer on the high street. But we all know that the Co operative is not just another supermarket it and does things differently . As the UK's biggest farmer and the store that led on helping Fairtrade go main stream what can they tell is about how supporting small producers fits in to their business model and what are the particular challenges that they face trying to be true to their ethical values while providing a service on a national scale. Supermarkets are an important part of the supply chain for most consumers - how can they help fix the system?

You will also hear from The Bristol Pound on why local currencies help trade be fairer - on the evening before our local currency goes live.

To register for this event for free, please visit http://fairtradeandlocal.eventbrite.co.uk/

For more information, please email Elaine Ashley: elaine.ashley(at)bristolgreencapital.org