Venue: Paintworks Event Space

The Bristol Pound is real money made for Bristol. It is designed to support independent businesses in and around Bristol, retaining and multiplying the benefit of every pound spent for ordinary people and businesses.

Wednesday 7th March, 6.30pm - 8pm. All welcome

This spring, Bristol will be seeing the launch of its very own unique currency. Developed in the name of all things local, Bristol Pound aims to support the independent businesses that give our city both its richness and diversity. In these last critical months before the project goes live, the Bristol Pound team are inviting members of the public from all over the city to get involved with this exciting project.

If you share the desire to keep Bristol's trade local, or if you are a trader and would like to find out how The Bristol Pound could support your business then come along to Paintworks Meeting Space to see how your voice can make a difference.

Paintworks Meeting Space is located in Unit 3.10, on the River Road behind the Event Space.

To find out more about The Bristol Pound Project, visit or email info(at)