Beauty Will Destroy Your Mind @ THE BARN STUDIOS

Venue: Paintworks Event Space

In his acclaimed quasi autobiography Ecce Homo, Friedrich Nietzche once said that “Philosophy is a voluntary living in ice and high mountains”.

Opens 7pm Friday 24th February, continues to 28th, open daily 10 – 5pm.

Beauty Will Destroy Your Mind is the presentation of the work of five emerging artists working in the UK and abroad. Using various media, the exhibition presents their responses to a title which, in essence, attempts to initiate discourse concerning blind pursuit beyond consequence. These works hope to simulate the idea that the bounties of some endeavours are so pure that they will evoke the unreserved and unrestrained pursuit of the hunter.

Located at The Barn Studios, BWDYM offers sculpture, drawing, sound and painting from Andreanne Fournier, Catherine Thomas, Colin Woodford, Edward Lawrenson and Jeanne de Petriconi, all of which have widely exhibited nationally and abroad.

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